My clients visit us regularly for all kinds of facial treatment but since recently, half of the appointments are for lash extensions or the follow up sessions. Regardless what fake lashes are going to be used, we realize that they are always damaging to the natural eyelashes. That is why each client leaves the salon with a set of new lusty lashes and an eyelash serum so that the natural lashes can continue to grow long and strong.

I have made a list of my favourite eyelash serums that we use in the salon most often. My clients keep asking me what I think about each product so I’ve decided to gather everything in one place and to create the eyelash serum comparison chart. You will find here not only the most popular eyelash serums but also those less recognised ones yet equally effective. I will present how each product works and its price. Eyelash serum are recommended for those people (nowadays, more and more men are using lash enhancers) who suffer from short and brittle lashes. Most of eyelash serums are safe and they do not cause any discomfort. Before being released for sale, each eyelash serum was testes in laboratories to ensure it meets all the high standards. What’s more, eyelash serums are usually rich in natural ingredients that are gentle to the skin and that stimulate lash growth. The most popular plant based ingredients that provide deep lash hydration and nourishment are: hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, Aloe Vera, carnitine, essential oils from tropical fruits.

Eyelash serum can be used by people with sensitive eye skin area and by those who have some sight issues. If you are wearing contact lenses, you should not be the obstacle. The only thing to remember is that you take out the lenses before applying the eyelash serum. There are a few exceptions where using the eyelash serum ought to be avoided; mainly if you are breastfeeding mother or if you are the mum-to-be. Some eyelash serums are not recommended to those who are undergoing the chemo or radiotherapy.

The eyelash serum treatment normally lasts from two to three months. The first effects are visible after five weeks of regular use. Results may vary and it depends on the eyelash serum formula and to some extend on the personal susceptibility. When the treatment is finished, the eyelash serum should be used at least two times a week to maintain the results.

Eyelash serums are designed with the special care for the user’s health therefore they ought to be safe for sensitive eye skin area. Plant based ingredients and numerous tests carried out on the product before it is released guarantee that our eyes are safe and taken care of. Eyelash serum ought not to cause any allergic reaction and if it does, you should immediately stop using it. In case you suffer from any eye itchiness of redness and the feeling does not go away after you rinse your eye with water, contact your GP for further advice.

The way the most eyelash serum ought to be applied resembles the way we use the liquid eyeliner. Lash growth enhancers come in a small tube and the pointy brush applicator. The cheaper and less efficient products may have the mascara-like wand and then the eyelash serum only moisturize lashes without adding any volume or length.

NANOLASH Eyelash serum

My ultimate favourite eyelash serum is the American product called Nanolash. Since recently, it is also distributed in Europe so I do not have to worry about expensive shipping cost. Nanolash seems to be the most effective eyelash serum at an... Read more »

LASHCODE Eyelash serum

  Lashcode deserves to be highly-rated. This serum gets very high opinions from my customers as the results are really spectacular. What does Lashcode Serum actually do? Above all else, it works fast because the first effects are noticeable during the first... Read more »

L’OREAL Eyelash serum

The runner-up, L’Oreal Eyelash serum, although that it has to be applied just like the mascara with the spatula it gives great effects when it comes to lash length and nourishment. This eyelash serum does not make lashes thicker or... Read more »


This is maybe not the strict eyelash serum but rather conditioner but it works fine as the mascara base. We all know how damaging the mascara can be. Especially the waterproof ones contain many chemical ingredients that harm our lashes... Read more »

M2 LASHES Eyelash serum

The next eyelash serum worth recommending is M2Lashes. The producer proudly states that the M2Lashes contains mysterious MDN (methylamido-dihydro-noralfaprostal)-a specially adapted ingredient for cosmetic applications from ophthalmology This product can make lashes longer and stronger. M2Lashes has a small brush... Read more »

PROLASH + Eyelash serum

The next eyelash serum that gives good results is the ProLash+ that I tested last year. It is based on only natural ingredients, hyaluronic acid, and peptides that help lash to grow. The ProLash+ has been thoroughly tested and approved... Read more »

HAIRPLUS Eyelash serum

This white and gold eyelash serum creates great first impression since its design is fairly intriguing. When we finally open the box and apply the cosmetic on our eyelids, we can see that it is able to improve eyelashes’ length... Read more »

LASHFOOD Eyelash serum

Lashfood eyelash serum is extremely popular on the other side of the ocean. There is the whole series of lash product sold under the LashFood logo. Undoubtedly, it is the most expensive eyelash serum that I have ever used. According... Read more »

NO7 FANOMENAL Eyelash serum

One of the most popular British company No7 has recently released its eyelash serum that can be purchased at Boots chain stores. To start with, the package does not look phenomenal at all. It is a plastic white tube, which... Read more »

XLASH PRO Eyelash serum

Xlash Pro eyelash serum is poured into a slender bottle of 3 ml capacity. Such an amount lasts for five months of the treatment. During its course, eyelashes are supposed to become longer, thicker, stronger and nourished. When it comes... Read more »

FEG Eyelash serum

FEG eyelash serum is closed in a little plastic bottle. It is big enough to store 3 ml off the liquid which is just right amount of the cosmetic in order to conduct a five-month treatment. Due to the fact,... Read more »

NEULASH Eyelash serum

Neulash eyelash serum is recommended every women, regardless their age or skin type. Its aims are as following: extension and thickening of eyelashes, eyelids and eyelashes care as well as relieving possible irritations. What is more, the cosmetic is closed... Read more »

LATISSE Eyelash serum

Latisse preparation lengthens eyelashes as well as makes these thicker and denser. Although the fact, that the product is rather hard to buy, many people claim to use it. Moreover, some people report that the effect provided by Latisse is... Read more »

RAPIDLASH Eyelash serum

The tasks of Rapidlash eyelash serum’s is to extend, improve density and nourish eyelashes. The product is closed in a silver bottle of 3 ml capacity. Worth mentioning, Rapidlash can be also used not only on eyelashes but also on... Read more »

REALASH Eyelash serum

When the clients ask me for a product that will slightly extend the lashes, then I say: ‘Give a try to Realash.’ Although the eyelash serum may discolour eyelids a little bit, and the possibility is not mere, Realash is... Read more »


Talika Lipocils eyelash serum is one of those serums that has a mascara-like wand applicator instead of a typical brush. For that reason, it has to be applied as if you were coating your eyelashes with a mascara. The only... Read more »

QUICKMAX Eyelash serum

Qucikmax eyelash serum is recommended for people who would like to have longer, thicker, stronger, and prettier eyelashes. The bottle holds 5 ml of the product, which is enough for approximately six months of treatment. During this time, eyelashes should... Read more »

URLASH Eyelash serum

This is the eyelash serum recommended by my clients but at this point, I must say that I do not share their opinion. This is one of those products that works differently on everyone. It comes in a black tube... Read more »


It is a very popular eyelash serum as it is the cheapest lash product that can be bought everywhere. I have used Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum for 8 weeks but it did nothing to make my lashes longer or denser.... Read more »

LILASH Eyelash serum

Eyelash serum – Lilash – is recommended for people who are the owners of short and thin eyelashes. The product is closed in a slender bottle of 5,91 ml capacity, which in turn, is sold in a colourful cardboard box.... Read more »