How do eyelash serum work?

The effective eyelash serum ought to work according to the producer’s promise. According to its properties it may thicken, lengthen lashes. Some eyelash serum can only moisturize or nourish lashes without adding extra volume. What makes eyelashes work on so many levels? And what on earth eyelash serums are?

For the eyelash serum to work effectively there are a few conditions that need to meet. Good applicator, formula rich in active agents, and the application method.
Eyelash serum formula that has been based on natural, plant-based ingredients should be safe and highly effective. Essential oils, vitamin E, and B5 speed up the lash growth and endure the eyelash life phase. Natural formula soothes the skin and provides deep hydration and nourishment for the lash follicles and the lashes themselves. It should never cause any discomfort in the form of redness, itchiness, or swelling.

In case it happens, stop using the product and contact your GP for further advice.

There are people however, who have super sensitive skin so to eliminate any adverse effect, first apply a tiny bit of the eyelash serum on the inner side of your arm, and check if there is any skin reaction to it. This is the quickest way to see if the lash enhancer is safe for you.

The applicator plays an important role in the eyelash serum treatment. The brush ought to be small and pointy so it can precisely cover the lash line area. Too big or stiff applicator may not distribute the serum evenly. Some eyelash serums have the mascara-like brushes and they are considered not that effective as the ones with pointy applicator. Over time, lashes may appear stronger, shiner and healthier but it will not cause lash to grow longer or thicker.

We often do not pay attention to how we apply the eyelash serum. Remember to start from the inner eye corner and to move the applicator exactly on the lash line towards the outer eye corner. If the product is used before bedtime, there is no need to put the eyelash serum on the bottom lash line as the product is going to transfer itself when your eyes are closed.