LASHFOOD Eyelash serum

LASHFOOD EYELASH SERUMLashfood eyelash serum is extremely popular on the other side of the ocean. There is the whole series of lash product sold under the LashFood logo. Undoubtedly, it is the most expensive eyelash serum that I have ever used. According to the producer LashFood is based only on natural ingredients and it is proud to use the Phyto-Medic Complex which is a mix of medicinal herb extracts. It also contains Arginine and many other lash-boosting components. The LashFood can be purchased only on the official website.

The LashFood works great if you are patient enough and that you keep using for more than 8 weeks.

You can observe first effects after only 20 days when lashes are shiner and a bit longer. The LashFood makes lashes thick and longer for the time when it is being used. Lashes shed quickly when the LashFood treatment finishes. We can see that this eyelash serum works more on lashes themselves than on the lash follicles. If it had been the later, lashes would have stayed long for extended period after finishing the lash treatment. The producer does not recommend using this eyelash serum on brows as there are other brow serums designed for this purpose.

Lashes longer and thicker
Natural ingredients
Lash structure restored