LATISSE Eyelash serum

LATISSE Eyelash serum

latisse-5mlLatisse preparation lengthens eyelashes as well as makes these thicker and denser. Although the fact, that the product is rather hard to buy, many people claim to use it. Moreover, some people report that the effect provided by Latisse is immediate, whereas, other say that they had to wait long to obtain any outcomes at all.

Furthermore, Lattise is closed in a small bottle closed with a cork.

The bottle optic facilitates distributing a few drops that, with the use of a brush, have to be put on upper eyelids. Lower eyelids are supplied with the product during sleep. The application has to be repeated every evening, on cleansed and dry eyelid skin. It is not advised to leave any make-up residues because Latisse cannot work in 100% on uncleansed surfaces.

Throughout the course of the treatment, one can experience side effects caused due to Latisse application. To demonstrate, one can develop redness of eyeballs, sensitive eyelids, swellings under eyes and broken capillaries. Fortunately, the irritations are supposed to disappear after several days. In a case, the discomforts are not worn off, it is suggested to consult a general practitioner and stop the treatment. What is more, in order to make the irritations less painful, it is advised to apply chamomile compresses.

When it comes to the manner of application, a single dosage per day, for example at bedtime, is enough to enable Letisse work on eyelashes. There is no need in putting the cosmetic on more than that. Why? The amount of the cosmetic provided in a single bottle lasts for two months of morning and evening application (one drop for each eyelash line). What is more, applying greater amounts of the cosmetic, or increasing the frequency of application may lead to irritations growth.

Basically, Latisse’s main aim is to extend and improve density of eyelashes. The first results can be observable after approximately three weeks of regular application. Eyelashes double their length. Unfortunately, the moment the treatment is over, the extended eyelashes simply fall out and are replaced with eyelashes identical to the ones from before the treatment.


  • Convenient dosage
  • Extends and improves density of eyelashes


  • Irritates
  • Short-lived outcomes
  • Not so efficient