LILASH Eyelash serum

LILASH Eyelash serum

Eyelash serum – Lilash – is recommended for people who are the owners of short and thin eyelashes. The product is closed in a slender bottle of 5,91 ml capacity, which in turn, is sold in a colourful cardboard box.

First and foremost, Lilash eyelash serum has to be used regularly. The application must be performed every evening on precisely cleansed and dry eyelid skin. For drawing a line on eyelash base one can use an applicator provided (a thin brush). The product should be distributed on upper and lower eyelids evenly. The great advantage of the eyelash serum is that, it does not leave any stains (watery or white marks) on face. On the other hand, if the cosmetic reaches eyeballs, one has to be prepared for the upcoming irritations, which in most cases, are in a form of stinging sensation, itchiness or redness. Obviously, in such a case, fast reaction is necessary. Generally, it is advisable to rinse eyes with warm water and the irritations will be relieved.

If not, one has to stop the treatment or even make a dermatologist’s or an eye-doctor’s appointment.

The first outcomes of Lilash eyelash serum treatment are supposed to be visible after around a month of systematic application. The effects obtained have mainly a form of strengthening, regeneration, moisturization, and improvement of eyelash’s flexibility. As subsequent weeks pass by, eyelashes become longer, thicker and denser, however, only slightly. Such the outcomes hold approximately for two months after the treatment is over. Unfortunately, when the use is discontinued, eyelashes return to their condition form before Lilash application.

Worth mentioning, it is possible to a buy smaller version of Lilash eyelash serum that contains 2,95 ml of the product. This amount covers more or less five months of Lilash treatment. The smaller version of Lilash can be treated as a kind of the eyelash serum’s sample.


  • Nice package
  • Easy application
  • Strengthens and nourishes eyelashes
  • Different capacities of the product to choose from


  • Possible irritations
  • Slight eyelash extension
  • The outcomes achieved do not last long