NANOLASH Eyelash serum

NANOLASH EYELASH SERUMMy ultimate favourite eyelash serum is the American product called Nanolash. Since recently, it is also distributed in Europe so I do not have to worry about expensive shipping cost. Nanolash seems to be the most effective eyelash serum at an affordable price. All my customers who were given this serum came back with the positive feedback and great results. I do see my clients every 3-4 weeks for infill sessions and I can tell a huge difference in the appearance of their lashes. Over time, they are stronger and they can carry extra false lash length with ease and without being damaged. I have also noticed that lashes grow faster and longer.

When customers come to me for the third infill visit, their lashes look even fuller and denser that after their first session.

Nanolash works pretty quickly, as after only two weeks lashes are darker and longer. This eyelash serum works miracles if used systematically for at least 2 months. Lashes are incredibly long and fat. The same result we can achieve by using Nanolash on brows. The natural ingredients penetrate through skin and they nourish lash follicles. Hydrated lash roots can produce healthy and glossy lashes that grow much longer and thicker than usual.

Nanolash is closed in a 3 ml black tube and it has a tiny applicator that distributes the serum evenly on the lash line. The tube comes in a black hardboard box and it is sealed for hygienic reasons.


  • Much longer and thicker lashes
  • Eyelashes are nourished and stronger
  • Quick and easy application
  • Natural ingredients
  • No irritation or itchiness
  • Elegant packaging
  • Affordable price


  • It is difficult to get the serum out of the box

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