Eyelash serum: type of brush

How many times have you thrown out the beauty product just because you cannot reach its leftovers or there was a problem with the lid? A few at least. Easy application and user-friendly package are not the ‘nice to have’ but the necessity. Most eyelash serums come in a plastic or glass tube that for hygienic reasons ought to contain no more than 4 ml of the product. It may sound rough but the less eyelash serum in the container the better. Eye area is very sensitive and prone to infections. It is better not let the germs grow in our precious eyelash serum formula. It is always better to buy two small bottles of the eyelash enhancer than one, which is much bigger.

The type of the eyelash serum brush is incredibly important in regards to the success of the treatment. The brush should be pointy and small. Too wide applicator will not distribute the product evenly and it will be difficult to reach small lashes at the bottom lash line without putting the brush into an eye. The mascara-like brush does not provide lash roots with nourishment therefore that kind of eyelash serum just cannot be effective. The eyelash serum with this kind of round brush can be treats as the complimentary lash treatment e.g. when we wear extensions and our lashes need to be combed though from time to time. When having the lash extensions done, you cannot use the mascara or curler but lashes need to be shaped. Using this kind of the eyelash conditioner as the lash setting gel would be a great idea.

Eyelash serum for everyone

Eyelash serum is the universal beauty product. Women love it but there is a growing tendency for men using it more often. We used to say that woman has to be pretty but nowadays, men want to take care of themselves and they do not want their needs to be neglected. Before, men used to use only soap and shaving foam. Those times have changed. Now each beauty company has the series dedicated to the ‘uglier’ sex. Thankfully, eyelash serums do not differentiate the sex of the user. All lash growth products can be used by both men and women and the results are going to be exactly the same.
The main eyelash serum role is to make lashes much longer and thicker. Throughout the whole treatment, the eyelash follicles are being nourished and moisturized so that they can start produce fat and healthy lashes. Good eyelash serum is not a fad but a must for those who lost their hair, brows, and lashes due to illness. When there is a need to speed the lash growth and extend their life phase eyelash serum is the only option. When the lash is optimally stimulated it can grow within 14 days and and shed later than usually.

Numerous dermatological test have been carried oud prior to releasing the eyelash serum on the market. Each lash product has been tested on hundreds of volunteers to exclude any reverse effect. The eye skin area is extremely delicate and sensitive therefore all eyelash serums need to meet the highest standards.

Formula of each eyelash serum is based on natural ingredients found in fruits and other plants. None of the high-end eyelash serum has been tested on animals.
If you have just finished radio or chemo treatment you can start using some eyelash serums without any fear of irritation. Always read the manual before using the product. Those who wear contact lenses, remember to take your contacts out before applying the eyelash serum. If your skin is super sensitive, you can test the eyelash serum on your wrist and wait for a few minutes to check if there is any allergic reaction.