How to use the eyelash serum

Who wouldn’t like to have long lustrous lashes? All women do all what is in their might to improve their condition. It is important to realize that all kind of mascaras or lash extensions over time may give you the opposite result. So far, eyelash serums are the only one, natural way to enhance your lashes. How to use an eyelash serum? Keep calm and keep reading.

Step 1 – Makeup Removing

Most, if not all skin care products do not work on congested skin. Active agents cannot penetrate through traces of make-up and any other impurities. Eye premier, concealer, oily eye cream block natural eyelash serum ingredients to get to the lash roots and to work to their full potential. Remember to always clean your skin before applying the eyelash serum. Dry your skin with a towel so that there is no moisture on your lids. Most of the eyelash serums are recommended to be used before bed when it is a perfect time to wash your face anyway.

Step 2 – Application

When your skin is crystal clear use the eyelash serum according to the producer’s instructions. Vast majority of enhancers have a tiny brush applicator that looks like an eye liner applicator. You should start applying the eyelash serum from the inner eye corner moving the wand along the lash line towards the outer eye corner. There is no need to use the product on the lower lash line, as the serum will transfer itself while blinking. Some enhancers have the mascara like brush and we apply it wiggling the lashes from roots upwards to lash ends. Any eyelash serum stimulate the hair growth, so if you have sparse brows you can also use it there even if the producer does not mention about this possibility.

Step 3 – Treatment

Lash growth phase last 90-150 days and it is the optimal time for any eyelash serum to work. If the enhancer’s producer promise amazing lashes after only 10 days that simply cannot be true. Lashes take time to grow and if you want to see the results, you will have to wait at least 6 weeks. For best results, try to use the eyelash serum before bed so that the active agents have plenty of time to get to lash follicles and work from there.

Step 4 –Keep Calm and Keep Using the Eyelash Serum

Even the best eyelash serum will not work if you keep forgetting about using it. Remembering about applying the serum may seem like a lot but you will see that is takes only 3 seconds and it will quickly become the part of your bedtime routine.